Home Labs Anybody?

Those of us that are trying to learn a bit more about IT, what are you mucking around with?

Too kick this off my home networking lab consists of…

  • 2x Cisco 2611XM
  • 2x Cisco 1841s
  • 3x Catalyst 2950s
  • 1x HP Procurve 2910
  • A bunch of rubbish comware stuff and …
  • A woefully underpowered PC used for VMs…

Anybody else got anything cool, I know a couple of guys out there are rocking some Xeons and some hefty NASs?

Nothing to fancy here apart from the pc, I run a Netgear Nas 104 with 2x 3TB in Raid 0 for all the media streamed to, all the PC’s and Home Entertainment system, a WD 2TB MyBook Live for Pc backups. Both of which are fairly disappointing and wish I had just built a small unit myself to cope with it all. Its all networked with 2 gaming pc’s, a couple of laptops and several Ipads and tablets, and the bluray and TV are all connected also, using the virgin super hub, and a regular cheap switcher. Its on the to do list to update it all a little more professionally 1 day lol

I’m just sorting out a Synology for Christmas, looking at 9TB usable, should just about hold my collection of late 80s cartoons. TBF my Cisco gear is all for lab work and my actual network runs through a PFsense box

All my home stuff is targeted more for software development than anything else.

So I have 2 Windows PC’s - 1st gen and fourth gen i5, 8GB & 16GB respectively. They also have a GTX580 and a GTX680 and Crucial M4 SSDs.

For iOS and OSX development I have a mid-2012 Retina MacBook Pro, various iPads and iPhones.

Network wise I have a Cisco SG 100D-08 Gigabit switch with a set of TP-Link 500 Mbit powerline adapters to connect downstairs to upstairs.

I also have a Synology 212J NAS and a Seagate 4TB USB 3.0 powered external drive for backups.

Asus RT-AC68u router for wireless and special scripted tasks. Centre of my network.
8 port Netgear switch in the study, centre of my wired network.
two 5 port TP-link switch, one for NAS area and one for TV area.

Synology NAS, 6TB of storage, also running many scripted tasks.
HP Microserver N40L, 6TB of storage, weekly mirror backup of what’s on Synology.

PC in my signature, for gaming and photo editing
MBA (late 2013 11" model) for traveling and programming

This week, I’ve started a new project trying to get RaspberryPi to recognise Owl energy monitor 433MHz pings, then wake up my desktop for bitcoin mining when my solar panels produces more than we need.

Well, it does depend on what I’m doing, but …

Draytek 2830n Plus Router as a gateway to the interwebs,

The following switches get pulled out and used every so often:
1x Cisco 3550 switch
1x Cisco 3750G switch
1x Cisco C2950G switch
1x Cisco C2950G switch
1x Netgear FS752TS switch
1x HP ProCurve 2626 switch

Storage-wise, I’ve got a Synology DS412+ NAS with 4x3TB HDDs in SHR.

I also have a virtualisation server which I used to host test domains (left off if not in use). That consists of a hex core Xeon E5-1650, 64GB Registered/EEC RAM, SSD for storing the ESXi, 4x 1TB HDDs in RAID10 accessed by an LSI Mega RAID card.

My main PC is OK with an i7 2600K CPU, 16GB RAM (1333 standard stuff), 1x 240GB Sandisk SSD, nVidia 770GTX gfx.
Finally, I’ve got a few laptops and many, many old PC parts.

Hp g8 micro server with VMware & a synology as remote backup target.


I knew some people had some beasty setups around here @Mike

I keep wanting a vm server. I really do

I just can’t justify a grand

Hp gen 8 Microserver is about £150, VMWare free is erm… Free :smiley:


I can’t anymore. At the time I got the server I had the money free, but since then my electronics has eaten up all my cash.