How much memory required for N1646 laptop

Hi People,

I needed to know what’s the max amount of memory that I can install on my windows 10 laptop and which ones supported and can someone tell me if the laptop has 1 or 2 slots for memory without me opening it up

Below is the link to memory page on website and I am not sure how much memory laptop can take or which one is compatible?

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More info can be found in the service manual for your unit located here

But the short version is your units supports up to 32GB SODIMM DDR4 2400Mhz over two slots. So 2 x 16GB for max of 32.

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Thank you for coming back to me. The service Manual you provided was for N240WU/N241WU. Just to make sure is that still the same for my model N1646?

Apologies wanted to make sure that it is still the same memory module for the laptop.

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Hi T2

That is correct. N1646 is a Novatech SKU number, but the product you have that becomes that SKU is built on a Chassis supplied to us by Clevo. The model number for that chassis is N240WU so that is why the manual refers to that model as the service manual is supplied to us by Clevo. So nothing to worry about you are looking at the right thing