How to install .APK files from the Play Store

Below I have provided a couple links which will help you to download and install .APK files from the Google Play store. This could be useful when the tablet you are using does not come with Google Play store pre-installed (.APK file downloader) (Google Play Store)

First, locate the app that you would like to download from the Play Store via the search function (for these instructions, I will be using Valve’s Steam app as an example)

Secondly, copy the web address of the app you would like to download: (Steam app)

Thirdly, paste that address into the search bar and hit the enter button. This will take you through to the .APK file download link, click download and save the file to a location you will remember on your PC.

Fourthly, connect the tablet that you would like to install the .APK on, via a microUSB cable (Please note, when you connect the tablet, you may find that you need to press the ‘turn on button’ on the tablet screen in order to activate the mass storage function on the unit which will allow you to transfer files between the tablet and the PC), to the computer where the .APK is saved and transfer the .APK to the tablet.

Lastly, using the .APK installer app on your tablet device, navigate using the file system, to the location that you saved your .APK file and hit the install button.

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If you have email access on the tablet, you could always email yourself the APK instead of connecting the tablet to the PC :upside_down:

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