How to output 2 displays from a 970


I have the MSI 970,and would like to have two displays .My current display is a BENQ 27",via HDMI. I have an LG TV 22",which I would like to use has a second desktop.

I would like two separate desktops,not one stretched over two displays .

Thank you

Press Windows key + P and select Extend.

What version of operating system are you using? Windows 7, 8 or 10?

Windows 7 64BIT ,cheers

Would this allow to separate desktops,or one over two displays ?. Plus does this effect FPS

Right click on desktop -> screen resolution and select “Extend these displays” for the “multiple displays option” drop down option. You can also re-arrange your displays by drag and drop.

This will extend your one desktop across your monitors.

Games will only use your primary display. The one with taskbar along the bottom.

The usual way round this is to set a game to borderless Windowed mode (if it supports it); then you can set the resolution of the game to extend across multiple monitors. This will have a big impact on frame rate though.

I only want two displays ,for viewing to apps at the same time. Will only use 1 display for gaming .Thank you

update .
I have my main 27" has Desktop 2 (1920n1080) extended ,but the second screen desktop 1 has small text .I have changed the resolution to 1360x768,which works,but im losing my preferred resolution.Is there any way around this ,and how will the new resolution effect gaming ? Thank you

Change the font size in the OS.
if you open control panel, open display, then select a new font size. You will have to logoff and log back on for the changes to apply.