I want a new gaming laptop WITH Linux Support

I have a N870HK laptop. I use Linux. Its time for an upgrade.

I had a beast of a time getting Linux to play nice on the N870HK.

I trust Novatech I have used them for years.

So, has anyone in Novatech tried to install the latest Ubuntu on a current gaming Laptop and got it working? I mean it boots, USB wifi and networking work, NVidia drisplay drivers work and it shuts down without a crash.

I’m not being awkward, How hard is it to do a test install and if it works make disk images?

If Novatech haven’t tested can I visit Portchester to try an install and if it doesn’t work I get the train home empty handed?

So Sales… Have you got a 17 inch Gaming laptop that fits the bill?

It would be a great plus point to say “Works with Ubuntu 19.04” I have my wallet open.


I think your best bet is ringing up tomorrow and asking if you can pop down to the store to do a test install. I’m sure we did it once or twice when I worked at the Reading store many moons ago (unsure on official policy though)

Thanks Luke.

Perhaps you can pass this to somebody in Sales?


what would you describe as the main issues you had.
Linux is something we played with in the past, but when it came to laptops we always had one problem or another which meant selling it was not an option and by the time the issue was resolved the product was no longer on sale and we were on newer model. Once again, new model, new problems. So I would be curious to hear what issues you had. While its not out of the realm of possibility that we might look at Linux support again, its not currently something we have planned.