IFX TPM Firmware update

Good Morning,

I purchased an elite laptop N1782 (NNB-C26M) yesterday. After setting up the required usernames etc and undertaking a windows update. there is a security warning to then undertake a TPM firmware update. I have looked at this and the advice is to request the update from the manufacturer. Could you please help.

Many thanks. J

can you give me the serial number from the white Novatech Product label on the base of your unit. The number will look something like this 7654321-001
We can then check for what updates are needed

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Sorry for the delay, I took the afternoon off electricals and was reading.

The serial number of the laptop is as follows 7445991-001.

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Please find link below for latest update for your chassis for EC and SYSTEM Firmware.

thank you so much for your help and assistance.