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First, a admission. I am an 80year old computer illiterate. Following a recent accident, I have ordered a TACX Neo 2 idoor smart bike (any cyclists out there?) to augment my road riding. The bike kit is still awaited from Halfords, but meanwhile Novatech have built and delivered a desktop which I thought I would try and get up and running. I have connected an old LG tv monitor by HDMI cable, but all the screen says is HDMI4. No instructions with the computer, only a box of bits which are a mystery and 2 DVDs, but, of course, there is no disc drive to play them. I had assumed that the computer with it’s Windows 10 already installed would at least say “hello”, but no sign of life so far. Anybody got any ideas?

Hello Chris

Welcome to the forum, if you are able to PM me with your order details, so as i can see exactly what hardware you have, I will try and assist you further.

Alternatively if you contact our technical support team either by Phone on 02392 322 500 Opt 3 (Mon - Fri 09:00 - 17:00) or via email they would be happy to help you