Installing the U50SI1 but, iPhone crashed

Two days ago, when I was installing the U50SI1 and after the installation, I just connect my iPhone with it and suddenly the iPhone showing an iphone error 4013 and then it’s crashed and I don’t understand the reason I didn’t know what happened. I just connect and transfer some files and then it’s crashed. Does anyone have any idea that how can I resolve it?

As this issue relates to iPhone, you would most likely be better speaking with apple support.

From what I have read concerning Error 4013 it relates to USB Transfer issues and is most typically seen while customer is software updating the phone. Apple does have various things to try in regard to resolving this error. However they would be better situated to providing you with support for the apple device.



If you are after not losing the data, then be sure Apple do not recommend a restore. If you want the data off the iPhone but have not yet been able to find a solution then you can give us a call. We are data recover partners for Novatech. 02392671330

Regards John