Installing Windows 10 - new drivers required?

Hi, I have a PC-1625 desktop dated 21/05/2012. I’ve deleted Windows 7 and have downloaded the Win10 upgrade and burnt this to a DVD. A couple of weeks ago I attempted to install it but was confronted with messages regarding GPT/MBR/UEFI etc. I’ve since discovered that I can boot the DVD in Legacy or UEFI mode in the BIOS Boot Options. I’m pretty confident that booting the Win10 upgrade disk in UEFI mode should be the right way to go, however I don’t have any Win10 drivers as there don’t appear to be any on the Gigabyte website. The motherboard is a GA-B75M-D3V Rev 1.0. Would I be right in thinking Win10 would detect the components and install it’s own generic drivers?

Your system board will support the install in both Legacy and UEFI mode. As you indicated UEFI would be the best way to install this now, as such you will need to make sure that the BIOS is configured properly for UEFI. It would also be advisable that your have updated the mainboard BIOS to the latest version.

As for drivers there are no official versions for Windows 10 released by Gigabyte as the board was EOL before Windows 10 was released. A lot of the hardware on that board will be supported by in box driver and not require any specific driver install. Windows update will also help with this as well. Should you then find after this specific hardware that is not working we can help with that and see if it can be resolved.

Thanks COOPS.
I downloaded the latest BIOS update (F13) from here

Will I need to re-install Win7 to update the BIOS or is there another way?

I could go ahead and install Win10 but I’m thinking the BIOS update from 2014 wouldn’t be 64bit?

No you can use BIOS utlity Q-Flash to update BIOS. Just place BIOS file in to the root of a USB Stick. Leave that connected to the system and then go in to your BIOS and run the Q-Flash utility to update.

Thanks John.
Another step closer but not there yet. I have the BIOS file (B75MD3V.F13) in the root of a FAT32 formatted USB drive. The PCI ROM Priority is set to Legacy. I insert the USB stick and press End to access Q-Flash but when I select Update BIOS From Drive nothing happens. Q-Flash is v1.03 and the current BIOS is F3 (02/20/2012). The Flash Type/Size is MXIC 25L6465E/6406E 8MB.

So close!! So frustrating!!!


After selecting update from Drive do you select the file to use??

Nothing happens when I select ‘Update BIOS from Drive’, it’s as if I’d not clicked on it, I don’t get chance to select a file, I don’t see any files. Is there something else I should have done?

Can you please make sure that USB Drive is connected to system from power on. Do not power up system and insert USB afterwards. Must be in system from power up.
It maybe worth loading bios optimal defaults then save and exit and try again in case some other BIOS setting is preventing it from working.

The only other thing i can think of is that maybe going from F3 to F13 is to bigger step. Normally gigabyte would indicate this such as flashing to this version before going to the next version. This might be because of other updates. So this is something we could check as well. For example can we flash from say F3 to F4 or F5 first, if it accepts this then it might be we need to be running a certain version before we can make the jump up to F13.
Thats about the only thing i could think it could be