Intel 6th Generation "Skylake" Processors - Installing Windows 7 - USB Keyboard and Mouse not working (xHCI driver patch)

##If you are installing Windows 7 onto your new Intel Skylake (6th generation) machine, you may find that you cannot install the operating system, as your keyboard and mouse are not working.
This issue can also manifest under a few different symptoms, if you have been guided here by technical support please proceed as below.

The cause of the problem

Unfortunately, all Intel Skylake or later based systems from all manufacturers require patching of the Windows 7 operating system in order to support any USB devices.

This is due to a change in the host controller interface from EHCI to xHCI. When Windows 7 was released, xHCI was only in development, and because of this Microsoft did not bundle the driver into the operating system.

Fortunately, this does not mean that Windows 7 doesn’t work with the system. The way to resolve this is to patch Windows or to not use USB until after you have the xHCI driver installed.

There are three easy workarounds.

(a) Have Novatech install Windows 7 for you.

  • If you purchase/have purchased your system preloaded with Windows 7, the xHCI driver installation is already completed for you, and you do not need to be concerned with any of this.
  • Novatech can complete the work for you, please contact us for further details and pricing should you be interested in this service.
  • Unfortunately as of November 2016 Microsoft no longer permit OEMs to preload brand new systems with Windows 7.

(b) Install Windows using an optical drive and PS/2-type keyboard.

  • Unfortunately, not all systems have PS/2 ports or optical drives, as the old 1980s technology is being phased out.
  • You can use the arrows, tab, and shift+tab keys to navigate through the installer. Tab is the key above caps lock on a standard keyboard. Shift is the one below.
  • Once you are in Windows, remember to load the motherboard driver disc before reverting to USB devices.

© Slipstream (patch) the xHCI driver onto your Windows 7 installation media.

If you need any further assistance with your purchase from Novatech:

  • Please feel free to call our technical support team on 02392 322 500. My colleagues are all fully trained in how to install Windows 7 on Skylake based systems.