Intel locking down Skylake overclocking

This has got to upset a few of the rabid over-clockers out there

Anyone here with a Skylake CPU they’ve over-clocked?

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Stupid really as most people just wont update the bios that overclocks them as they cant shut that down it will have to be done with an update surely, so pointless as most people I’ve seen have saved their bios! Is a shame though really opened up the lower end market for a while lol

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It is sad but anyone saying they didn’t think it was going to happen would be lying. The K edition SKUs cost a little bit more for that reason and they don’t want to be losing out on that profit!

It sucks, overclocking is definitely not what it used to be (so much more accessible now) but it isn’t something that should be taken away. Leave features like that for the people that want to, even if it is almost pointless. If I want to overclock and void my warranty 30 minutes after installing a CPU, let me!

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tbh, motherboard manufacturers were taking the wotsits by unlocking it in the first place. i’m suprised they didn’t get properly roasted by intel. at the end of the day, people can still use an older bios to retain this feature anyway. the k’s were designed for oc, so anyone wanting to oc would of had an easier and ‘safer’ life by buying a k series.