Interactive sign-in process initialisation has failed

Hi! I’ve got a model N150RD with Windows 10 on board which would, I believe, have updated to the April 2018 standard automatically. I downloaded a driver update (I think it was a Realtek or similar?) on Friday whereon the laptop slowed down over a period and eventually rebooted. When it did so I got a window on the screen with the message “Interactive sign-in process initialisation has failed. Check the error log” Nothing I could do would get past that message, and the “OK” button wouldn’r respond on the few occassions the mouse arrow worked. I have turned the machine off and on several times, including by letting the battery run down completely. I now get the same message but without the command to check the error log. I have tried googling this on another machine but there is no help available for a machine that won’t get past this error message. I have tried holding the Shift key on start up, and Alt+Tab followed by Return, as suggested by some sites, but to no avail.

Is there a way I can get past this initial error message? Maybe by getting into the BIOS boot options? (I am NOT an IT techie though!) If I can get past this message how would I detremine exactly what is the problem and then remove it please?

I am trying to create a clean Windows 10 IOS on a USB stick, which is another option I have found through Google but I think I would still need to get past the error message to get into the BIOS boot options to make that work? Do I have to hold down one of the Function keys on start up to do this? If so, which one and for how long? I have just seen someone on your Forum suggest you need to tap an appropriate Fn key as you start up, buit have never come across this before now.

Grateful for any help that can be offered.

Kind regards,


PS: I still have some data on the laptop that I don’t need to be erased…

Hi Mike

This would require an in depth technical solution to resolve if you need to retain the data on the laptop. Unfortunately we would always recommend a reinstall of Windows for this type of issue and this sadly highlights the importance of making regular backups.

I would suggest giving our technical support team a call on 02392 322 500 for further guidance on this issue, and refer the technician taking your call to this post for further information. Alternatively if you can provide your telephone number and Novatech order number for your purchase I can arrange a call back for you.

Many thanks