Is Model N1593 W10 compatible?

I have been trying to do a clean install of w10 on the above model. I have tried both uefi and legacy installs but both fail as if the hardware is incompatible.
I was wondering if there is a bios update that might help?
Considering this i7 machine was only bought 6 months before w10 was released I’d be very disappointed if it wasn’t compatible?


I am not aware of any issues in relation to Windows 10 install on this Unit. We have had customer who have installed Windows 10 without issue. Can you check in your BIOS and confirm what BIOS version system is running. It will either be a 06xx number or a 07xx number for example 0612 or 0701

Hi thanks for replying, its version 616

…there is no leading 0 it just says BIOS Version 616

where can I find the bios updates please?

How are you trying to do the clean install, is it via a USB , and do you get any messages? I’ve succesfully installed W10 several times on fairly old i5-2xxx and i5-4xxx using usb never had a problem.

Dear me, I also forgot to add that i am typing this on my 6 month old i5-10300H which I clean installed it when I got it from Novatech 68yr old birthday present, it’s either an age thing or San Miguel. Anyway I used Ventoy to load my W10 iso, and fedora and mint too. it is excellent although I have hit problems with the SSD under linux, and have posted about that a while ago, and it seems ok now. If you are interested in Ventoy it’s at, I used to use Xboot but that is now abandonned.

Hi Rob

Yes it is via a uefi usb install (ventoy). I have tried legacy too. I have now resorted to trying to install windows 7 and that hangs on the “starting setup” message. The win 10 install does the install but when it restarts and trys to start services it gives and error saying setup cannot continue and must restart then just goes in a loop.
I have had a message saying setup couldn’t complete due to the hardware nor being compatible. I’m sure this is failing hardware/gpu so am out of options now :frowning:

Hmm , has that model got USB2 and USB3? If so one of my older laptops had a problem with USB3 , try just USB2 and without any other USB attached, then you may need a BIOS update. Which OS did it have when you tried W10 clean install? Surprised that Coops hasn’t replied again about the BIOS he usually is helpful and timely. WHen I get a chance I will have a dig in my disorganised filing system to see what happened back then.

Coops has replied, he has emailed me and been very helpful. I’ll give it a go but m sure it’s hardware failure

Ok good luck, Sorry @COOPS I obviously didn’t know you had replied outside of the forum at least I told andel that you were “usually is helpful and timely” :sunglasses: .