Isys E6700 PC system Graphics card upgrade

I bought a system (PC-1554 Isys E7600 based chip) for my kids about 5 years ago.
My son now wants to upgrade the graphics card as well lets be honest its not the best.
does anyone know what the upgrade options are for this if any? What is the form factor on these old machines ATX or micro ATX I cant remember and I cant find the paperwork anywhere.
I would hope that there is an affordable GPU upgrade I can do.



Hi Andy

Upgrading graphics card is always a good option to increase the performance in a machine. The options are not very limited at all, What is the machine used for?

Graphics card form factor is usually measured by its height and length, also how many slots it requires from your case. The main thing to check is your power supply to see if you have the correct connections and enough power for the graphics card to work.

ATX and Micro ATX are motherboard form factors you will mostly see a motherboard saying if it is ATX, Micro ATX or any other form factor and this will also be used in cases to determine which motherboards will fit inside it

i hope this helps

Hi Andy,

PC-1554 features the Intel Core2Duo E6700, Foxconn G41MXP MicroATX motherboard , 4GB DDR3 memory, 500GB hard drive and onboard graphics.

A graphics card will definitely make the world of difference to gaming performance on this machine, but the machine itself was discontinued in 2011 so will be showing its age on current AAA titles. The machine will likely not meet the minimum requirements for this and next years AAA titles even with a graphics card fitted sadly, as some games sold now require i3 2nd generation (sandy bridge) processors at a minimum, which itself is much newer than your machine (current machines are based on 6th generation processors).

I hope this is informative,


Thanks Ryan and harry_pennell, great information. He is not going to be doing any form of true hardcore gaming that requires AAA graphics that’s for sure.
When he is a bit older I plan on building with him a new machine like I did when COD the original came out :slight_smile:
This is just for his entrance into the foray of gaming.

Thanks again gents, much appreciated