Keyboard problem

Some months ago I bought a new AMD motherboard bundle , am running Windows 10, and everything has been running fine. A few weeks ago, I replaced my old tired keyboard with a Logitech K270/M185 wireless keyboard and mouse bundle. This has been fine until a few days ago when the keyboard stopped working and I was getting a “USB device not recognized” error message on boot. I started to use an old wired keyboard and mouse which worked for a few days, until I started to get a “No keyboard detected” message from bios during boot. I bought a new wired keyboard and mouse last night to replace the old one just to make sure no issues there…the computer booted fine last night with the new keyboard/mouse, but this morning am back to the “No keyboard detected” in bios…I have tried different usb ports with no improvement…can anyone enlighten me what the problem might be, and advise what I need to do to resolve as at the moment I am at a dead end and cannot access Windows. Many thanks.

Do you have another device that will accept a USB keyboard that you can plug those keyboards in to and make sure they are still working.

Has anything else changed system wise before this started happening or is the system the same as it was when you first purchased.

Looks like the issue is bigger than the keyboard, the power supply started smoking this morning !!! So have obviously unplugged and contacted Novatech about it.

OK, I did wonder if something was killing the keyboards hence why they kept failing, it looks like that might be the case here, As you are now dealing with support directly I will leave you with them.
Hopefully it can all get sorted out quickly for you.

Replaced power supply (which turned out to be an old one, not one that came with the new case I bought from Novatech), and am now up and running again using a new wired keyboard and mouse, so the power supply must have been dodgy for a while. So now just have to get the wireless keyboard working again, so looks like a need a new USB Nano Receiver…are they all the same or must I buy a Logitech one ? Plus I seem to have a boot problem to resolve in that when I turn the machine on Windows comes up with Automatic Repair, then Diagnosing PC, but then says it can’t find anything wrong. It looks like its trying to boot in the wrong place as when I go into Advanced and click on the correct operating system (Windows 10 Pro) it loads up properly.

While it may be possible to use 3rd Party receiver with your Logitech devices this might lead to other quality or connection issues. So it might work, it might not. It does seem from a quick look that getting a replacement Logitech Nano Receiver is possible, little more money but at least then your using the recommended device. However if the keyboard is not very old then you might be able to get the Nano receiver replace under Warranty with Logitech so it might be worth a check first.

In reagards to the OS boot yes, that does sound like it finding potential some other drive to boot from. Make sure that your actually OS Drive is set as the first boot drive in your BIOS and that any other hard drive / SSD in your system that is not an OS Drive does not contain any boot files that may be causing issue.

Why is nothing ever simple…I went to the Logitech site, and from the spare parts list it shows the receiver I need for a K270 keyboard…a USB Unifying Receiver. I bought one on line (cheaper and quicker delivery)…it’s a Logitech USB Unifying receiver, and on the website it also lists my keyboard under compatible devices…but can’t connect !! It seems my version of the K270 keyboard will only connect to a nano receiver, not the unifying one as there is no unifying logo on the keyboard…why the hell did Logitech not change Keyboard type number for the 2 versions !!! If you type in nano receiver on the Logitech website search, it comes up with the Unifying Receiver !!!

Hoping you got your keyboard and nano reciever working. If not the process can be found on the Logitech support page.

In brief the process is:

  • Plug the Unifying receiver into a USB port on your computer.

  • Press the connect button on the bottom of the mouse/keyboard.

  • Run the Unifying software to pair your device to the receiver and follow the instructions on your screen. If you don’t have the Logitech Unifying software, you can download it from the Logitech support page.

Hope this helps