Laptop getting hot?

Hi my Inspire Laptop seems to be getting hot. Any ideas ?

I was thinking about unplug power and battery and take a lookie ? maybe dust ?

Hi Cevvyf1,

Sorry to hear of your issues with the Novatech nSpire,

Higher than usual temperatures suggest that a build-up of dust has occurred inside the unit. I would recommend using a can of compressed air (available to order from ourselves) to blow out the dust from the machine with the left hand side panel removed.

I must advise to not use a vacuum cleaner as you may damage the machine with static electricity.

Alternatively if you prefer we do offer an airdusting service at our branch, I would suggest calling to discuss on 02392 322 500.

I hope this helps

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Wow that is QUICK :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Thanks for this will pop over later today :slight_smile: HUGE Thanks, this did enter into my head as it happened to my hairdryer the other week ! But I dont know how to get the bottom off so shall pop over with it :slight_smile: for Hospital treatment :slight_smile: I have been a Customer of NovaTech since you started … but could not track my “History” :frowning: … cannot think how many PCs and Laptops I have bought from you this Laptop has 8Gb RAM as I do lots of photo work :slight_smile: with 120 Mb + size images :slight_smile: kind regards Ms Eaton

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BRILLIANT advice :slight_smile: the fan was very VERY dusty :frowning: now clean and Laptop working well again :slight_smile: HUGE Thanks to NovaTech Support on this one

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You’re most welcome Ms Eaton. Hopefully it is more comfortable to use now!

Should you have any further questions about your product, of course my team is always happy to help.

Thanks again,


Thanks Ryan :slight_smile: I hope this Topic helps other NovaTech Customers too :slight_smile:

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