Laptop power socket trouble. USB C charging?

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Issue: I have a Novatech Elite N1803 laptop. I’ve recently found that the power cable isn’t connecting to the power port reliably. The cable needs twisting and putting at just the right angle to achieve charging. This went back for repairs almost 7 months ago for the same thing and so did the previous laptop.

Possible workaround: The chassis does appear to have a USB C socket with a lightning bolt next to it, but when I tried using a USB C cable I didn’t manage to charge the laptop using the socket. How can I check whether the laptop I have is capable of USB C Battery charging? Please do let me know if i’m missing something obvious :slight_smile:

Alternative: I send the laptop back to Novatech for repairs and hope the laptop can socket can be repaired again. Although even if that’s possible, I don’t know how long it might last.

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What you are suggesting with regards to the power cable is either one of two things. The Adaptor cable is internally damaged. This can happen if the cable is regularly twisted up. This is where the cable clearly has spiralled, this causes the wires inside the cable to become damaged. This means that it may then only work if twisted in to a certain shape this means the connection is being made inside the cable again.

The second possible cause is that the DC Jack has been put under strain causing a leg of the DC jack to break away / Solder joint failure. This means again a poor connection meaning if manipulated in to a certain place it works again. This can be caused by to much pressure being placed on the jack plug when it is connected, for example if something is pressing on the jack trying to force it in an odd direction in relation to the DC Socket. Something impacting the jack while it is connected could also cause damage to the DC Socket.

Either of these situations need to be resolved as poor contact of an electrical contact can lead to other issues as while the contact may be made by twisting it in to a certain shape, that contact will be poor and a risk for the electrical current that can be flowing from adaptor to system over this poor contact. I would suggest you get this inspected to determine which bit is the cause of the issue to get this fixed.

In regards to the USB-C socket, Your model laptop supports USB-C Power Delivery on that USB Socket. That is what the Lightning Bolt refers to and means that this socket can delivery a high power output to external devices. It has no relation to USB-C host charging which your system does not support.

Thanks very much Coops for the clear answers on the power troubles. I’ll call and see if I can get a repair arranged for after the holiday season. I guess it’s one of the downsides of a laptop over a desktop :grimacing:

This is an issue really with portable device in general as they have a much higher chance of damage from just day to day usage especially when they are being used plugged in. As sometimes people forget they are connected and then do something that can then result in additional strain or damage to the connector. The classic one being walking off with the unit still connected. One day when we master wireless charging for all devices we can eliminate the cable issue all together =D

But lets have a look and see what the actually issue is for you. I’ll make a little note on my system here and i’ll try and catch the unit when its in so i can take a look myself and see what is failed.


Hi Coops,

Sorry I should probably have posted the returns number here when I sent it down. I’ve just had the laptop returned to me today, after paying a couple of hundred pounds to replace the motherboard and battery, but it’s still suffering exactly the same fault as it had before it went down xD

I’m just writing an email to the technical support guys I spoke to before, and I’m really hoping something can be done to fix it, or it’s become a very expensive paper weight :smiling_face_with_tear:

The returns number is: RR2474062 . I don’t know if I’ve failed to communicate the error properly to the support team? I’m starting to worry it might just be my power cable now, although it would be a much cheaper fix! It’s a shame I’m a couple of hundred miles away and it needs sending backwards and forwards again.

Thanks very much for your help. I’m paying a lot more care with cables in general now.

Hope you have a good one,