Leaked Battlefront II Trailer

A trailer for the upcoming Battlefront II has been leaked. Looks like there may be some hints towards a single player campaign in this one too.

Whaddya think? :thinking:


I so hope that they do include a single player campaign or better yet co-op, as much as I did enjoy Battlefront in the end it was just another Battlefield clone with a Star Wars skin and need something more than being just another massive multiplayer shooter.

Aerial/space battles look like they are going to be a thing which is great.

Not too sure how I feel about the inclusion of the prequel/episode 7 heroes but if they are running a campaign story across the time line it could be good.

New, full trailer released. Single player campaign confirmed :grinning:

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I’ll just be hoping for the space battles from the original star wars battlefront 2, let’s be honest, no one played that for the campaign, it was space and the heroes assault battle on Mos Eisley xD

So the gameplay trailer looks promising … certainly seems to have some large scale space battles