Legacy Drivers & Battery

I am looking to work out which chassis my nSpire 2760 - Black Edition (s/n 119PE3039030) is based on in order to reinstall some of the drivers due a failed upgrade to Win10. I have gone back to Win7 Home Premium which was originally installed. From what I can find it comes back as “A25” when using cmd & CPU-Z, although I haven’t spotted it listed on the pinned posts. Suggestions please?

Additionally, the battery is coming towards the end of its life (reduced life). Therefore if possible I would like to buy a replacement. Could someone direct me towards the correct one(s) for this model/chassis please?


Chassis A25PA has the drivers listed at our legacy chassis page, linked here: Laptop drivers for legacy chassis

With regard to a replacement battery, please contact our telesales desk on 02392 322 500 option 1 and they will be able to assist with pricing and availability.

I hope this is useful,



Thanks for the clarification and information. I will give them a go to see if I can resolve my issue.