Linux on nSpire N1690/1

Does anyone have any experience of installing Linux on either of the above models? Are they Clevo chassis (usually compatible)?

Many thanks.

I will answer my own question. Having been fairly certain both were Clevo chassis, I went ahead and ordered the n1690. Not only is it a beautiful piece of kit with good battery life and a particularly good screen, Ubuntu Mate installed flawlessly.

Sadly the Novatech model numbers don’t mean much, but of course I have an nspire and don’t know which model , except the firmware is insyde , dmesg tells me Novatech NP50DE_DB, but Novatech kit is usually well made and I have 3 lappys and a desktop, all run linux fedora and windows in dual boot , and linux mint too on one. The beauty of linux is it doesn’t need TPM/Secure boot etc unlike Windoze, my old i5-5540 lappy ran W11 happily on the insider ring, but then MS threw their spanner in the works and now I wii have to mess around to put 11 on. Sorry I didn’t get to your thread earlier but there isn’t usually much on here

Hi, For your reference N1690 is indeed a Clevo Chassis, Model Number NL40MU2