Looking for a BIOS update

Hi all, I was wondering if anyone could help me with a BIOS update for a laptop.

Firstly I have to say that I purchased the laptop second hand as a project so I don’t have a customer or order number to provide, I can however provide a serial number and model number. Even though I purchased this machine second hand I used to be a regular customer at Novatech when I lived in Portsmouth although that would be over 10 years ago, but if records still exist I’m prepared to provide my personal details to confirm this if it has any effect on my eligability to support.

The model of the laptop is W670RC
Serial number: NKW670RCQ106C00299
Product code: W670RCQ1
Description: 17.3" laptop, Intel i7 6700HQ, Nvidia Geforce GTX 950 (2Gb).

As I mentioned earlier, I purchased this machine as a fault ridden project. I have fitted new HDD’s (M2 and SATA), and new RAM (16Gb (2x8Gb) HyperX 1600Mhz). As part of my troubleshooting procedure I’ve upgraded the BIOS from 1.05.12 to 1.05.15 using a BIOS I downloaded from Clevo for the W6xxRC range of chassis’. Although this seems to be working I would prefer an official Novatech release of the BIOS if one is available.

For your further information I’m still having issues with the machine. It appears to overheat quite rapidly leading to black screen freezes requireing the machine to be turned off via holding down the power button and performing a hard shutdown. My next actions are likely to be removing old thermal paste from CPU / GPU and applying new thermal paste / reseating the heatsink, although the machine also has a tendency to freeze (total lock up) if moved while in use or if the screen angle is adjusted which leadds me to believe there could also be a trapped ribbon or dry joint somewhere. If anyone has any experiance of this model and could perhaps point out something I may of missed I would value and appreciate your input.

Thankyou very much in advance for any help or suggestions, especially regarding obtaining the latest version of the Novatech BIOS for this machine.


Mr Dave Dewett.


Can you confirm process used for flashing of BIOS to .15
Updates .14 and therefore .15 both have ME Update and depending on process used to update will determine if ME was updated or not.

As for overheating, have you checked that heatsink not blocked by dust. Its fairly common for laptop drum fan to build up dust on the inner edge of the heatsink where the drum fan connects. Once the little channels through the heatsink are blocked the air from the drum fan cannot pass down the heatsink to cool it. As suggesting repasting could also be helpful depending on paste current condition.

Good morning COOPS, thankyou for the quick reply.

Regarding the BIOS flash, I downloaded the BIOS (filename: W6xxRC-Bios-R1.05.15.zip) from Clevo, unpacked the archive to external media (USB stick formatted to boot into a pure DOS environment, upon boot to DOS I ran the meset.exe followed by the flashme batch file).

Regarding overheating I’ve done initial checks of the fan and heatsink, everything seems clean but I haven’t checked under magnification, air blasted or soft brushed yet. I had the machine running cool and stable last night (average core temps of about 30 degrees) at idle for around 90 minutes during benchtesting, but it begins to struggle quickly under load with huge temp spikes taking it up beyond the 100 degree threshold. Based on the age of the machine I expect it will require repasting which I am planning to do as part of the rebuild.

Thanks again.

Quick update…

I’ve now cleaned and repasted the fan / cpu / gpu

Temps are stable but still getting lockups and crashes.

I’ve DDU’d the display drivers in safe mode, then reinstalled latest Intel / Nvidia drivers.

I’ve run on battery without AC connected, AC with battery removed and AC with battery connected.

Can someone please confirm that the BIOS I mentioned above is correct. (The boot logo displays ‘Style Note’ but I assume other than the logo the FW is the same).

I’m running out of things to try now, I don’t want to have to check for dry joints if it’s something simple.

Thanks in advance.

Hi yes the BIOS you have is the latest. Style Note logo is the Generic Logo for Clevo before its changed to OEM Logo. So any BIOS i give you now would just change the logo as Version 15 is the latest and you have done the correct process for updating ME as well.

Have you tested the RAM to make sure its not faulty?

Hi COOPS, thanks for the reply.

It would appear that the issues were RAM related, but it’s a bit of a strange one so I will write a summary here explaining why it is strange and hopefully it may help others with similar issues…

When I purchased the machine as a project I suspected memory issues so replaced the 2x4Gb sticks which were in it with new Kingston HyperX (2x8Gb). This made no difference so I (wrongly) discounted RAM issues.

I have now performed a RAM test on the faulty machine. For referance I only used Windows 10’s Memory diagnostic tool, I have not tested using more thourough testing software such as Memtest86.

On first running the test it failed during the second testing phase. To try to determine which of my two sticks was faulty I removed 1 stick and performed the same test (no errors), I then placed the same stick in the second slot and ran the test again (no errors). I then repeated the above with the other stick (again, no errors). I then tried again with both sticks inserted (fail). I checked and cleaned contacts and ran test again (fail). Summary: RAM fails in dual channel, but works fine in single channel. For referance both sticks were new Kingston HyperX (matched and from same production run).

As well as the faulty machine I also own a Toshiba Satelite Pro (Broadwell Intel i7-5500U with Geforce 930m) which is my daily user. I took the RAM out of this machine (Samsung 1600 Mhz matched pair (2x8Gb) but different production run (7 months seperation)), and inserted them into the project machine. I then performed the same tests as above with no errors (dual and single channel) - problem solved, but for curiosity I tried the HyperX in the Toshiba machine and performed the same tests. On the Toshiba the HyperX passed all tests (single and dual channel) without any errors, which I found to be quite strange. I can only assume that Skylakes are more tempremental than Broadwells.

I’ve run and benchtested both machines at idle and load without any issues with the RAM from each switched to the other machine (so HyperX now in Toshiba, Samsung in Novatech project machine).

One of the crashes I was previuosly getting (but not limited to) was the common problem of machine locking / crashing while watching YouTube videos in full screen. This is a very common issue to many people (a quick Google will reveal this), and to the best of my knowledge no solution has been identified. Well I can confirm that upon solving the RAM issue with the project machine, it is no longer crashing during extensive YouTube testing. If anyone is experiencing the YouTube issue who has two sticks of RAM in their machine I would reccomend running the Windows memory diagnostic tool as it could very well be the problem (your machine might well appear to be running fine apart from the YouTube issue or you could also of had occasional BSOD’s and thought nothing of it). Many people experiencing the issue were also using Skylake CPU’s. If my discovery here helps people who were close to tearing their hair out (and I know there are many of you out there) with that problem, then I will take that as a huge bonus to come out of all this.

As it stands I’m happy at the moment that everything is finally working as it should.

Best regards.