Looking to build first ever rig, complete beginner here


Wanting to build my first computer and join the “master race”.
Would love some beginners advice. After several weeks of research, i’m about to put in a order for a full package of components for a build. i wondered if anyone could confirm the compatibility of all the components? i think they are okay - budget build. any recommendations/advice would be great.

6th Generation Intel® Core? i5 6500 3.2GHz Socket LGA1151 (Skylake) Processor - Retail
Seagate Barracuda 1TB 64MB Cache Hard Drive SATA 6GB/s 8.5ms 7200rpm - OEM
Kingston SSDNow V300 Series 2.5" 120GB SATA 6Gb/s Internal Solid State Drive - Retail
Arctic Silver 2.7g Ceramique 2 Premium High-Density Thermal Compound 2.7g
Samsung 224FB 24x DVD Re-Writer SATA (Retail)
Novatech 600W 80Plus Gold Fully Modular ATX Power Supply - 2 Years Warranty
Cooler Master N300 Mid Tower Case
TP-LINK TL-WDN3800 300Mbps Wireless-N Dual Band PCIe Adapter
Arctic UCACO-FI30001-GB Freezer I30 CPU Cooler with 120mm Fan
GIGABYTE GA-Z170-HD3P Intel Z170 (Socket 1151) ATX Motherboard
Kingston HyperX Fury Black 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 PC4-21300 2666MHz Dual Channel Kit

thanks all,

Hi, and welcome to the forum.

Just had a quick look and everything there looks to be compatible.

Only thing there that you don’t need is the Arctic silver thermal compound as the CPU cooler will come with its own already applied. If you are planning on using it instead of the supplier thermal compound make sure you remove all of the original before replacing it with the arctic silver as it is possible to use to much.

Hope this helps.

If you’re looking to game I’d look at a better GFX card if you can afford one… something like a 970 will perform a lot better.

I think a slightly bigger ssd would be advisable also either the http://www.novatech.co.uk/products/components/harddrives-internal/ssdsolidstate/240gbto400gb/mz-75e250beu.html or if the budget is tight then go for http://www.novatech.co.uk/products/components/harddrives-internal/ssdsolidstate/240gbto400gb/hfs250g32tnd-3112a.html 120g is barely enough these days by the time you get the OS and a 2 games on there it will be full :frowning:

Thanks! Appreciate the advice ill remove the cooling paste :slight_smile:

Nice one, I think the budget will allow for a larger ssd.

I’ve spent ages looking at the graphics card options and like the look of the 970 but I can’t stretch to one at this time. I will one day though. Budget for gpu is about 100-160. Any other recommendations for this price?
Should I worry about oc at this stage? What are the real important parts to the info of a gpu? Like cuda cores/ clock speed eg.?

Maybe something like this [AMD Radeon R9 380] (http://www.novatech.co.uk/products/components/amdradeongraphicscards/amdr9380series/r9-380p-4df5.html)

Comes in just at the top end of your budget.

You can use a site like gpuboss.com to compare general card performance, like so:


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Have to agree that money the 380 is by far the better option for me

That would mean swapping cpu to amd?

No gfx cards work with either intel or amd cpu’s i have intel i7 with amd gfx cards works a treatr :wink:

Nothing wrong with a GTX960 :smiley:

I’m currently running a GTX960 on my i5 6600k skylake rig and im getting 130 fps - 165 on battlefront on ultra without V-sync! If I put V-sync on then I get a solid 60fps and it never moves not even on the massive forest map with 40 players!

No the 960 is also a great card but the 380 just has the edge on it in most games I think and if you go for the 4g version that extra vram makes it the more attractive option for me but neither card would disappoint