Mark all as read?

I’m having trouble finding this button… is it on this version of forum software?

There isn’t a “Mark all as read” as such but if you go into your user account preferences by clicking on your avatar in the top right hand corner, clicking the cog wheel and scrolling down a bit you can change the options for how the software considers “new” topics and when it thinks you want to track them.

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Also just noticed then when on the “New” or “Unread” pages there is a dismiss button in the bottom right…

Clicking that will reset any topics you are being notified about so you wouldn’t receive any more alerts for them

But it doesn’t make other bright white topics on forum home page to be gray read state.

I’ve changed “Consider topics new when” to “created since I was here last”. Still get a lot of white topic links. eg. Fallout 4 and driver help.

Looks like the software doesn’t allow it them I’m afraid. I’ve trawled through all the various settings and the developers forum and there’s no option for it.

The only other thing I can think to try is change the option of “Automatically track topics I enter”… if you set that to “Never” or to the largest setting. Then it shouldn’t highlight any topics on the front page.

This mark all as read is such a basic function of forums…

The “track topics I enter” is a special feature of this forum software, usually topics are moved to subscribed section manually or automatically by posting. It’s a nice feature, but ultimately it (the blue dot) is different from unread topic (white text).

Now, I’ve set it to never and just open all topics to mark them as read.

Essentially this software is a from scratch reboot of what the developers believe discussion on the web should be. It is not, in essence, a forum.

The software is called Discourse.

One of the lead developers of the software talks about “mark all as read” here

Essentially, the developer is saying is that the home page view “Latest” is useless. Every user has a tracking feature to track interested topics by reading them (“Automatically track topics I enter”). But there is absolutely no way to have a tidy “Latest” tab.

I guess I’ll switch bookmarks now… New is the one I actually want.

I can set which tab is the default (I think)… when we have a few more people signed up and using regularly I can stick a poll up to see which people prefer

Actually, I just realised this morning. New is even more useless, it only shows New threads. This morning for example, it’s empty despite new posts in 3 threads.

Unread is also useless because it only shows topics I have to opt-in to track. It is essentially the Subscription folder on the old forum.

Latest shows latest topics in a list, it’s good for me as I usually do a Today’s post search and browse by threads. BUT there’s no way to distinguish between new posts since my last visit and thread titles I’ve read last time. grrrrr