Memory problems

Hi all :slight_smile:

I bought 16gb of Corsair Vengeance in May this year and in August one of the sticks failed and I was unable to boot my pc with it installed.
I returned both sticks and eventually got them replaced in September.
Now another stick has failed and I can’t boot up with it installed so yet again Novatech are going to test it and replace it.
Has anybody else had problems with this make or could there be a problem with my pc?

All answers will be gratefully received.


It would be very unlucky to get 2 faults go with 2 different sets of ram, I would definitely be checking the motherboard bios settings for the ram 1st. But not sure how you would test the physical ram slot for faults but if its not just a bad batch of ram I would be thinking of getting the motherboard tested before putting another set of ram in it.

Thanks for your reply, I was thinking it could be a bad batch because if it was the motherboard surely it wouldn’t take so long for a failure.
At the moment I am using ram from Novatech while my corsair is tested and it’s running fine and I have no other issues with the pc.

Is it the same memory slot that the ram dies in? Is probably the question I should ask, if the slot is bad by spiking volts to the module, is a possibility it will wear it down in the end. Worth keeping in mind, always a puzzling problem ram

No I used the two spare slots the second time and it still happened. What puzzles me is that only one stick failed both times and the other kept running.

I know thats why i’m saying its not faulty ram, but this is pc problems so anything is possible lol