Memory upgrade advice please

Hi, I recently purchased a i5 9400f motherboard bundle for my Son.
It’s great, but I need to know which memory I can put in it to upgrade it for him.He is very computer literate-I am not and i am trying to buy it on the sly for him as a present, so i can’t ask him of course!
I am aware there are only 2 memory slots and believe I can only add 32gb in total,in which case, I could get 2x 16gb sticks.To make it a bit more complicated, I am likely to be purchasing only 1 stick at present and see if my Son can afford another with his birthday money.I was looking at the Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB DDR4 3000MHz Memory (RAM) Module specifically.So the burning question is, is it compatible with his motherboard?Thanks in advance for your help!


You could use that stick but be aware regardless of what speed memory you buy the maximum the board and cpu will support together is 2666. So if you buy 3000 mhz memory it will work but it will only work at the boards maximum rating which is 2666.

So for 2666mhz you could use this

Or if you want to buy 3000mhz which is only a few pound more you could buy this

It would mean if you changed the motherboard in the future to one that supported 3000mhz memory you would already have memory that would work at this speed. Just depends on how often you do upgrades as to the value in this. However as it stands either of the ones listed above will do the job for you.

Hi,many thanks for your reply.That id very helpful-see, I told you I am a novice! Tbh, it’s pointless buying the 3000mhz if it can only run at 2666mhz.The main thing, is, I know what to buy now.I have message novatech themselves, but as it was the weekend, they haven’t got back to me yet.