Monitor not connecting

Just got the Novatech core blizzard today. It turns on fine but it’s struggling to connect to my monitor via the dvi port. Is there anything I’m doing wrong?

Can you confirm what port your monitor is connected to. The Core Blizzard comes with a Discrete Nvidia GPU and as such this will override the Motherboard in-built Video system. Its important then to make sure you are connecting your monitor to the ports on the Graphics card and not the motherboard.
The Video ports up around the USB Ports, LAN Port etc what we can the Motherboard IO would not be active. You need to make sure you are connecting to the Video ports on the GPU which would be located in the mid to lower part of the rear of the chassis where the PCI Expansions brackets are.

Can you confirm this is where your Monitor is connected

I ended up solving it by getting a a DVI HDMI adapter and using that to connect the monitor. However I can’t enter windows 10, I’m perpetually stuck on some gigabyte setup.

Can you PM me some order details so i can check exact model system you have. The email address used here does not tie to an order on our system so i could not find any details.