MSI RX 480 Gaming X price match?


I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask if it is not I am sorry. I was wondering if Novatech price match? The MSI RX 480 Gaming X is £300 here but at other stores its £260-270. Obviously they are sold out but just yesterday most sites had stock for a few hours, I was not sure on which model to plunge for at that time so I did not buy. It seems its a weekly cycle of stock so rather than spend the extra £30-40 i can wait to pick one up at the cheaper price. Just thought id ask as it says you have 50 more incoming on the 26th.



I am afraid to be the barrel of bad news but price matching cannot be done on these GPU’s at this current moment in time because they are very anticipated and a lot of people are after them where they are very new to the market

I am very sorry to disappoint

No problem Harry, thanks for the quick response.