My Custom Watercooling loop

Hi all,

only just recently i bought my first watercooling kit and wanted to show it off:

Mobo = ASUS Sabertooth 990FX R2.0
CPU = AMD-9590 4.7Ghz with EKWB Cooling block fitted
GPU = XFX RX480 8GB Black Edition with EKWB Cooling block fitted
Memory = 16GB HyperX
Lighting = Hue+
and a Vault- Tek Pipboy bobble head holding it all together.

hope you like it. Just need to get rid of that stupid green LED on the motherboard, really throws out the blue.


Very nice looking rig, love to see its performance in the Benchmark section

Very Nice. :+1: for the Vault Tec bobble head as well =D

Looks awesome :thumbsup:

Nice work! Is that Mayhems Aurora I see?

Yes it is, I love the way it rotates around the rez and how it zooms through the piping

Last time I was in the watercooling scene, it wasn’t very good for long term use. Have they improved the mixture since then?

I have no idea, maybe something I need to look into. They do advise that it should be changed every 6 months. That’s good for me cus I will probably get bored with the colour scheme and want to change it.