My first home build

Hi peeps,
I am thinking of this list of hardware for a build i want to do. I have a Coolermaster Haf case and a 750 w PSU which are currently in my PC i am using now which i will donate to the build. I like playing World Of Warships. Opinions/advice appreciated.

Hi if your new to the building scene you did a really ok job but for me I wouldnt bother with the M2 drive or the kingston and I really struggle with the 6700k over the 5820k! I know the X99 mobos are a little more expensive but I really struggle with the price difference :frowning: this M2 if any for starters! much better GPU and this for the ssd would be my changes the CPU and mobo are up for discussion but i favour the x99 chipset for this money

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After looking at your build, I would advise you install the OS to the M.2 SSD and also add a 1Tb mechanical drive for storage of larger items and backups. I have included a link to a high quality WD blue drive.

I hope you find this useful :slight_smile:


Yeah definitely agree with that @PeterHolt I have my OS on a samsung M2 drive and a couple of games and its pretty impressive stuff Ark and BF4 which are notoriously bad loaders are so quick I couldnt go back lol

Thanks for the replies Guys. Well the suggestions you made bumped the price up by another £100 which i can live with. The x99 mobos are a little high for me i think. So what CPU would you prefere @Jonny2Bad ? I also added a couple of 200mm case fans which i forgot. Would a cheaper Monitor be ok ?

Hi yes great looking build now :wink: After looking again I see that they’ve now dropped the price of the 6700k to the price it should be. When they 1st came out they were more expensive than the 5820k which pretty much made it the worst buy out there lol I still prefer the idea of the 5820k more cores more cache and more pci lanes for very little more money but the 6700k is still a great CPU and you won’t be disappointed with it at all so it’s all about budget at this stage lol

Thanks for the advice, Its only another £40 lol. I will go for the 5820 then.
I had to change the original watercooled unit as my back fan slot is 120mm. So i think this is the final config…phew.

Ok so after reading the spec on the 5820k i see it needs a different socket. Could someone please check to make sure everything is compatible. Thanks for your help.

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Now that is a sexy build buddy, all is fine apart from the ram as x99 is quad channel compatible also but I dont see it as making much difference as Novatech quad channel ram options are diabolical at the moment and no 16gb options at all in the quad only 32g kits! is the cheapest kit there if you can do the extra go for it if not stay with the dual channel kit as in real world performance I really dont think it matters :wink:

Probably overkill for my needs but why not lol. Thats a grand total of £1552.82 Hopefully this PC will last a few years and not need upgrading. Thanks again.

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Ha ha get in there mate it’s total over kill but we love over kill in the PC building game lol. This beast will last you very well when it needs more oomph just add another gpu the rest will be very future proofed. I’m running a very similar system

and remember, after you have built it, we would love to see it in the battlestation thread

Have a look at the NZXT HUE+ if you want to give your PC RGB loveliness

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Did this beast ever get built?