N150RF1 laptop W10 OS with USB3 sockets not working properly

I have three USB3 sockets on this laptop but the two that are together on the same side as the DVD drive have started to become erratic and are behaving as if they were USB2 and not USB3. I have a video camera that is running at 125 frames per second at full frame when plugged in to the lone USB3 socket on th other side of the laptop (and if plugged in to my Novatech SFF computer) but if plugged in to either of the other two USB3 sockets on the laptop it drops to a maximum of just 17 frames per second, same as I get with a USB2 cable. These two USB3 sockets also either fail to recognise any USB memory stick inserted into them or fail when communicating with the stick.

Is it a hardware or software problem and can it be fixed?

Software impacting the USB Controller would effect all the ports generally not just the ones on one side of the unit. So its more likely something else. Hardware issue certainly cannot be discounted based on what you have said, but it would require further inspection and testing to be sure if it is hardware issue.
Do the sockets that are having the issue feel loose in anyway and if carefully looking in to the socket does it look damaged in anyway or does it all look ok.

I am going to assume that this is an issue that has just started, as in the ports were working fine before and you had no problem with them before

Hello Coops

The sockets appear stable and are not wobbly, nor do they look damaged in any way. I do use the laptop outside at night a fair bit, as I am an amateur astronomber, but the laptop is always given a protective cover to avoid it becoming damp or freezing up on cold nights. It does feel like there is a hardware issue but what can I do to check?

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Ah - I think I have solved the problem! I have a cannister of compressed air to clear the socket on my iPhone when it clogs up. I have just used it on both sockets and now the camera is running at the correct speed when I plug it in to them.


Hi Peter

That’s is good to hear, keep an eye on it and let us know if the problem comes back. As USB3 and USB2 use different pins in the cable and socket its quite possible if the USB3 pins were dirty / providing poor contact it would drop back to use the USB2 pins instead albeit at a slower connection speed.