N1526 Chassis Number


I have a Novatech Elite N1526 laptop, and I need to install the drivers for it. I notice that the list of laptop drivers and manuals refers to the chassis number rather than the model number, so I have 2 questions:

  1. (Most importantly) What is the chassis number for my laptop?


  1. To save this same question being asked about every single laptop you sell, why is there not a list or some easy way of finding out what your chassis number is for any given laptop model?

Kind regards,

Hi Dave,

Thanks for your question, we have sold thousands of different configurations of laptops, many of which are custom built, so to make it easier we would always suggest contacting us directly so that we can confirm the correct chassis model for you.

If you are struggling to locate this the chassis model and need the drivers urgently, this is normally on the underside of the unit or failing that can be read directly from the mainboard by using software such as CPU-Z for Windows.

With regard to the chassis for your laptop, I can’t find an N1526 on our records here, are you sure this is the correct model? If you can provide the stock code from your reciept I can look it up with this?

I hope this helps,