N1543 Drivers wanted

Im looking for the drivers for the Win 7 laptop model N1543 .
could someone please point me in the direction of a download
or the model of the WLAN adapter and i will download myself

thank you

N1543 used Realtek 8191/8192 Wifi Adaptor

thank you installed ok and gave me the realtek under network adaptors but im still seeing any wifi adaptor and i still have 3 other devices ,
1 Network controller ,
2 PCI Device 3,
PCI Simple comms controller ,
have tried all the usual tricks

Is this a unit that has been reinstalled so you have not loaded any drivers??

yes total reinstall win 7 64 bit OS

OK, leave it with me, I don’t have the full set to hand, been so long since I seen one of these. I’ll get the whole lot together and give you a link as soon as I have them.

thank you for you help

thank you that looks like it has done the trick

I’m after these drivers as well but the link doesn’t appear to work now.
If you could help that’d be much appreciated, cheers

Please use the following link

Thank you so much ! :pray:

Hello I am also after the drivers for my reinstalled laptop. Are you able to send the link again please

For Windows 7