N1640 (nnb-896n)

The charging port on the N1640 has broken and the machine is out of warrantee.
Is this an easy thing to replace, if so where do I get the part from?


The socket itself is a fairly standard style connector that can be got from most electronic component supply places such as RS. However the issue is more about the repair. That socket is actually soldered to the system mainboard inside the laptop. So depending on exactly what is broken here its possible for issues relating to the socket attachment to the mainboard. So it would require the unit to be dismantled and then potentially a new socket soldered in to place on the existing mainboard or replacement mainboard if tracks are damaged from the socket. Obviously without us looking at it and making an assessment its not really possible to say whats needed.

That link is for the service manual for your unit so you can see what the system board looks like, gives you an idea of what is involved.

Thanks COOPS, I have asked our account manager for an estimate, but haven’t heard anything back.
How much do you charge to look at it and replace the part?