N870HK Keyboard


I have a N870HK laptop.

I use Linux.

I detest the blue backlit keyboard colour. I guess it is a Clevo keyboard.

Can somebody please tell me the make and model of the keyboard used in this laptop so I can get some drivers to change the colour or turn it off?



The keyboard is manufactured by Chicony Electronics for Clevo. Part number is 6-80-N850H0-192-1
I have spoken with Clevo and they are not aware of any control software under Linux that can control the keyboard light functions, If you find one I would be interested to know.

The only other option I can think of is to see if I can get custom BIOS for you that will disable the keyboard light function.

I found a way to get the keyboard backlight to work in Linux after a long time.

Search for " clevo-xsm-wmi "

There is a project for these Clevo machines.

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Thanks for taking the time to come back and update. Good to hear as well that someone is making a solution for Linux for this =D