NBox II, installing Win7 from USB (RESOLVED)

Can anyone kindly help me?

I purchased an NBox II at the weekend, as part of R&D for my development. I created a USB installer of Win 7 Ultimate 64Bit, using Microsoft’s tool to do so.

During installation, it initially failed around 10% of the expanding the code. I’ve read around the internet that some devices get unhappy with USB devices, so after initiating the install, i pull the mouse and keyboard from their slots. I can now get it to 30% before it fails!!!

There is nothing wrong with the key, as I ran the same installer on a standard PC.

IS there a BIOS change I need to make in order to install Win 7? I see that OS is an option on purchase, but as I had a spare licence, I want to use my own key.

Any help would be appreciated as I’m pretty fed up with the device (already). I was potentially planning to build this device with some software and then selling on as part of my business plan; but may have to look at alternatives at this rate (or move to Linux; which isn’t an option just yet).

Thanks for any help.

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Stupidly, I forgot to mention the error, which is 0x80070570; referring to files are corrupted when expanding (which isn’t true). Or could i have faulty memory or hard disk in machine?

This could be related to bad memory or a hard drive, but most likely it would be caused by your USB stick. I would suggest firstly formatting the stick in full and creating the installation media again.
If that doesn’t resolve the issue, then try a different USB stick. Sometimes some sticks just simply don’t work properly with Windows installation, or possibly a file or two corrupted in the copying process to the stick.

I hope that helps!

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Hi Peanut,

I’ve used the USB in a spare PC (full desktop) and installed from scratch. I’ve used a second USB (again, your thoughts) and that worked on the other maching but not this. I’ve even gone and got another ISO copy and then put that onto the USB. I’m completely phased. Tempted to open up, take the drive out and install inside my desktop; although i don’t know if windows will then let me transplant that drive back into another?

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Hello Speedy,

From what you have described I would hazard a guess that this issue may be related to either a faulty HDD or bad RAM. The first thing I’d suggest here would be to run a MEMTEST on the system. The application can be downloaded from here http://www.memtest86.com/download.htm

Should you require any assistance or have any questions regarding this software and it’s operation please do not hesitate to contact us, you can reach us via telephone on 02392 322 500 or via email at customer.services@novatech.co.uk

We hope this information helps.


Well, in amongst working during the day, I’ve tried:

testing the memory - all fine
tested the ssd (I opened it up) - all fine
tried a smaller (4gb usb drive) - doesn’t work, but does on test desktop
tried to get it to install XP (fails with a bad error that seems to suggest a driver problem)

I’m now switching to Ubuntu. I’ll find out tonight if this works.

Overall, disappointed that its so difficult to get working.

Hi Josh,

I’m completely fed up now with trying to get this machine to work; I only purchased it on Sat and I had to drive there today for a replacement HD that was DOA…

I’ve now popped in a 2.5" drive into machine to see if that makes a difference; nope.

I’ve tried a couple of other USB pens.

I’ve tried installing another copy of XP (which gives me a 7B error when windows kicks in from installer)

I then turned to reliable Linux Ubuntu; expecting all to be well.

Well, this starts installing and then terminates badly with a VFS not available problem. I assume that’s a virtual file system error.

I personally now suspect the Hard drive interface as the problem; not the drive.

What I can do, is start Live CD Linux Ubuntu. I.E. I can run it from the pen itself.

My question is, what do we do now? This device has gone under some intense testing by me now, so my R&D has proven the piece of kit is useless for my business venture. I would love to see this work and noticed one running in the show room today.

Should it be this complicated? I.E. XP, WIN7, LINUX UBUNTU all wont install…


Hi Speedy,

The nBox II will not successfully install Windows XP as this is not compatible, the BSOD error 0x7B refers to a compatibility issue. We have not tested Linux OS with this product or any other product as we do not support Linux.

However it should install Windows 7, 8.1, 10 with no issues. The fact that you are experiencing the issues that you have described strongly suggests to me that unfortunately your product may have a fault. The product does not normally have any such difficulties.

If you can contact my team on 02392 322 500 quoting your order number we can arrange return for you.



Before returning the unit, and if you haven’t already tried it, you could try reseating the RAM module(s) - even if they/it look fine.
The other thing to double check is that the BIOS controls for Secure Boot and CSM (if present):
For Windows 7 (and Linux/Free BSD) you need to disable Secure Boot and enable CSM.

Hi Mike/Ryan,

I got excited when I saw Mike’s last post, as I’d not changed this settings. Alas, I get the same error’s whilst installing Win7 and Linux. I’ve reseated the memory too, as well as making multiple changes to the Bios and trying. Something is very unwell with this device. I’ll contact your team tomorrow to secure an exchange (if that’s possible), as i don’t want to fully give up on this project.

Kind regards


I’d like to follow this post up. I have to eat a little HUMBLE PIE here and say SORRY and a huge thanks for your help.

I’ve finally discovered what all the problems were with the device: MY HOME PC. I had a dodgy SIM, which didn’t show up in most of the XMem86 tests. Since I’ve removed the offending item, I can now create a USB that works flawlessly in the device.

It is very strange that the device worked in my surrogate PC, but that is older technology. I don’t think it was as ‘fussy’ with the files. I’ve since run a SFC /SCANNOW on the older PC and can see LOTS of corrupted files! It is a very unhappy bunny. As it is only a test machine, it doesn’t get used much, hence why I’ve not spotted the problem.

All in all, the NBOX II is a great little device! I’m really impressed with the thing. IT is very powerful and compact for what it is.

Thanks again and I’m really sorry for the hassle here.

Kind regards



Good Morning Carl,

That’s great news, and thank you for letting us know that you managed to get this sorted.

Should you have any further queries on your product please do not hesitate to get back in contact with us.

Best regards,