Need a Novatech Laptop Bios Update

I need a BIOS update for Novatech Nspire.
Here is the info:

Intel Pentium B980

Manufacturer pegatron corporation

Model A15

Intel Sandy Bridge rev 09
Intel HM76 rev 04


Brands American Megatrends Inc.
Version 207
Date 05/02/2012

Hello any advise please?

Can you provide Novatech serial number for your build from back of unit. It will be in the following format XXXXXXX-XXX so for example 7654321-001.
Before we can advise updates just need to check for chassis revision.

It is a Novatech nspire A15YA laptop.

Let me check for updates and come back to you. I have your unit as A15YA with BIOS version 207.

Thank you I will look forward to hearing from you.

Inoticed that the CPU is sandy bridge you can upgrade the CPU to Ivy bridge can’t you, just thinking.

I use Crystal Disk Info to check if hard drive is good. Also in this link you have Crystal Disk Mark to check speed.

For A15YA with 2xx Series mainboard BIOS the latest version is 208… Which is now here.

Best way to do this would be from a DOS USB Stick. If you extract the contents of the zip above in to the root of the stick you should end up with some folders and 4 numbered batch files. If you boot from the stick you should get a screen come up explaining the 4 steps. Basically you will need to work through them in order to complete the update.
1 - This will unlock ME for updating, system will restart so boot back to stick and start step 2
2 - Updates the ME if required. After update is done and system restart boot back to stick and start step 3
3 - Updates the system BIOS
4 - Adds Novatech Logo to POST Screen if not showing. ( during this process you may get mismatch error which is normal as system uses an ID for logo upload so its checking for correct one so can be ignored on this step once process is complete )

After completing all 4 steps the system should now have BIOS V208 which is the latest and last for your model chassis.
Hope that helps

Thank you for your reply COOPS.

CPUZ is the software I used to check the hardware information. I watch videos from youtube for help.

How do you boot from the USB stick?

How do you put the files on there. Any software needed.

From looking at the files present in the BIOS update zip, it looks like you just need to create a bootable freedos flash drive using rufus, then drag and drop the contents of the BIOS update zip file into the root of the flash drive.
You would then plug the flash drive into the laptop, and select the flash drive as the boot device. You can normally get to the boot selection menu by pressing F12 on the boot screen.

I did it with rufus that made the flash drive bootable. Now all I need is a battery for this model laptop. Battery wont charge but it powers on fine.

I cannot update the bios with a flat battery.

Hi I Need a Novatech Laptop Bios Update could you help me please.


Can you tell me the current version of the BIOS your system has please.

Hi John,

The version I have in Bios it just say 300.

Hope this helps.


BIOS Vendor American Megatrends Inc.

BIOS MSG 63-0100-000001-00101111-061610-Chipset

BIOS Date 06/16/10

Mainboard Vendor 000001

Serial No. 114PE3048842

Modle A15HC

Thanks & Regards


emailed you a link


John Cooper Thank you so much for all your help. I was going to give up on the laptop but all is well now .
Thanks & Regards

Hi Shaun

You are most welcome.


Hi I need also bios for update for novatechsupport laptop my laptop model is Nspire A25pa current bios version is 208 but I need 209 please Help!!!

Good afternoon,

Sorry if you’ve already dealt with this, elsewhere, but I can’t find a reference for my specific laptop which, from the issues and discussions herein would benefit from a Bios update as I’m now using Windows 10… The details are here:

Novatech:- NNB- 894

Novatech nSpire Pro 2540 - 15.6" Intel i5 2540 Mobile Processor - 4GB DDR3 - 500GB Seagate Momentus XT Hybrid SSD SATA Hard Drive - NVIDIA GT540M Graphics

S/No: 7301434-001

Mainboard: Pegatron A15 rev 1

Bios: AMI 212 dated 22/07/2011

I already upgraded it some time ago to 8GB Ram and an SSD - is it possible to identify the correct files for the Bios update?

Thanks very much

Kevin Walsh

Hi Kevin

I’ve sent you an email with the download link you need and some instructions.