Need Some PC Case Help!

Hi All,

I’m hoping that you’ll be able to advise me with a possible build idea that I have.

Would it be possible to build a gaming PC in a desktop case instead of in a tower case?

I currently have a Novatech Eclipse High Performance Mid Tower Case but am having a few issues with it that keep cropping up with the front panel (temperamental power button, iffy jack & 1 USB 3 port problem)

I’d like to replace the case but as I’m also looking to move the furniture around in the room very soon, space will be tight so I was thinking that case that lies flat rather than upright would suit my needs. That way I could either have my monitor on top of the case or have it on a shelf to the side.

I have the following components;

Intel Core i7 - 6700K CPU @ 4.5GHz with a HYPER 212 EVO CPU COOLER
ASUS ROG Maximus VIII Hero Z170 ATX Motherboard,
BeQuiet BN268 600 W Pure Power 9 PSU.

Unfortunately the cases that I have seen are aimed at Mini & Micro ATX motherboard setups & I’d rather stay with the components that I have at the moment, transferring them over.

Do you have any suggestions?!


In theory you can build a gaming pc in a desktop case (I presume by that you mean a Micro ATX case or smaller) but you need to consider the following:

  • You are going to need some good fans to keep the system cool
  • You need hardware that will fit the case

In short, as you have an ATX case you are going to struggle. You’ll need a Mini Tower case at least, or you are going to have to consider a smaller motherboard. To be honest, given how much harder it is to cool a smaller case, you are best off sticking with a mini tower or tower case if you have the space.

While it is possible to build a system in a desktop chassis, the issue is actually finding an ATX Desktop case. The demand for this style chassis is very low these days so not many desktop style chassis that will take an ATX Motherboard around. Most people either use tower chassis or cube chassis these days for ATX build. Desktop seems to be mainly mATX or ITX and the chassis is sized to match so got large GPU cards in is also a struggle if you want mATX route and as Thommo pointed out this is before you even get on with cooling smaller builds.

To be honest if your are going the ATX / Or wish to stick with the ATX parts you have, tower chassis is where you are going to be.


Thank you for your helpful replies, I was coming to the same conclusion after doing some more research!

Considering the current components that I have, I agree heat would be a big factor especially with what I put my pc through!

I decided to stick with a Midi tower set up in the end & got myself a NZXT H500 case in black with a load of beQuiet fans to keep it all cool. First time I really looked into ensuring I had a nice & tidy set-up cable wise too! Took ages but it was a satisfying job!

I know I said that space would be a factor with my next case but I’ll have to find space for it somewhere! Didn’t want to end up replacing cooked components further down the road!

Thanks again,