Need to replace a motherboard LGA1366 but am struggling to find one new

i have a ga-ex58-ud5 motherboard that has a ram slot dying and want to replace the motherboard can anyone help with companies that are still supplying new LGA1366 boards

there are some second hand examples on ebay amazon etc but it seems people are selling the asus and gigabyte boards for 1x to 1.5x original cost second hand

i paid £80 ish for a ga-ex58-ud3r and found them on ebay second hand for 160 wtf lol

any help greatly appreciated

( ps novatech sorry to consider using a competitor however you dont supply an lga1366 board or i would have bought it by now )

Sadly you are unlikely to find an LGA1366 board anywhere other than auction sites or secondhand as they are no longer manufactured. This is not unusual though as these were the first generation of the i series (i3, i5, i7) based motherboards, we are now on the sixth generation.
Although Intel CPUs are generally a lot faster than AMD, the only benefit AMD have over them is in situations like this, as a lot of their boards are the same socket and support many years of CPUs. Sorry I don’t have better information for you mate!