Need updated bios for A15 laptop


i contacted the email support today (live chat says online, then after i click the link turns to offline and asks me to leave a message) to get an updated bios so i can move it to windows 10.

after giving them the serial number, they linked me to a driver package for windows 7, and a zip file containing the bios file. which leads to a 404 error.

i replied straight after saying that the file link was broken, but have not heard anything for the last 5 hours.

i would also like to confirm the specs linked to the serial number so i can confirm that it has the right system in mind, since the serial number is somewhat worn and MAY be incorrect.

it appears that the model is listed on the sticker as:
and the serial is:

i hope someone can help me, since im sorting this for someone else, and id hate to have to tell them i was stopped in my tracks by an inability to get the correct bios or drivers.

Good Morning,

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had to wait some time for a response to your query.

Unfortunately, email is our primary form of incoming tickets into the box, and are always tackled in a top down manner (Oldest Ticket First).

I have gone ahead and replied to your email now for you, but I’m sure you can appreciate that sometimes our support staff are just simply busy dealing with multiple customers and queries. They will always endeavour to respond to any incoming queries as soon as they can - but that does mean also having to make sure all other customers are responded to as best as possible.

As such, email queries do have a 2 Working Day SLA for consumer support.

Best regards!