Network Security

Hi. I have a solar panel inverter in my loft which is connected to my home network to give me details of how much power is being generated. That’s all fine and dandy but could the inverter be a backdoor somehow into my network? Is there anything I should be doing via the router settings perhaps?


Hi Webby,

If it is only connected to your local network, then there is no issues. On the other hand if it uses an APP that monitors the power consumption online, then yes you may have issues with your firewall.

Regards John

Thanks John. No, it doesn’t use an App but I do have to log onto a site that presents me with the inverters power generation information. So the inverter must be sending information to that site for it to show it back to me. I think I can disable the comms on the inverter but I’d prefer not to as I find the generation information useful. I’m using Windows 10 Home and when I look at the list of networks available I see that the inverter has a network all of its own and it’s described as “Open” with an exclamation mark next to it. Open? I’m beginning to get lost with all this…!

Hi, If it has setup it’s own open network then it may be as it states open to anyone who can see it. You may want to speak to the software or hardware provider to make sure.

Thanks John. I will contact the company that installed the inverter and ask them.