New keys for Novatech laptop keyboard?

I have a Novatech 15.6" laptop, model no. W25CSW-W, which means the chassis is a Clevo. It’s a few years old, and if anyone’s interested it’s running Windows 7. I recently broke four of its keyboard keys. It couldn’t be helped, since despite my efforts with compressed air over the years they had accumulated lots of crud, and when I took them off to clean under them I found they had become brittle. One even broke in half. So my question is this: where I can I source replacement keys? I only need the actual keys, not the hinges or cups. W25CSW seems as though it may be a code only used by Novatech. Are the keys the same as for the Clevo W25AEU?

Thanks in advance,

My keyboard looks identical to the W3 keyboard here. Could someone possibly confirm?