New Members Hello Topic

Any new members (or returning members of the old forum), say “Hi” here!

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As @Mike says, Hello to everyone!

Psssh you cheated :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello Peeps, its good to be back

Wassup guys, bit annoying we had to make new accounts :frowning:

Yeah, I know. But I figured all the plusses of the new software outweighed the small inconvenience.

Hello everyone. Much Love

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Hellooooo! Welcome to the new forums :smile:

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hi :smile:

apparently this message need to be 20 characters long !


Hello Nox and welcome to the new forum :slight_smile:


I’m new to the Novatech forum. Just bought a new mobo bundle from Novatech :place_of_worship:

Hi @SimonJames, once you’ve get your PC all set up don’t forget to take some pics and post it in the Show off your Battlestation thread :grin:

Hi all

First time builder here configuring a gaming PC. Already had some good advice from helpful people.

Welcome to the forum @NewbBuilder

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Hi All,

A deaf newbie here, been a Novatech junkie since around 2011.

Still upset at the Reading store being closed down (was a lot easier to sneak new components in, not so with courier knocking at your door!!)

Keep up the good work!!


Welcome @SpaceHippy1975; sorry about Reading :grin: You could always just have the goods delivered to a friendly neighbour :wink:


Welcome! And top advice from CM as always lol

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I’m lucky, I have a good friend that I can get things sent to!

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just a quickie. I have a novatech destroyer (i7) ,bought 31/5/11 (portishead) can I replace the gtx560ti with a gtx970??? as a straight plugin