New novatech PC - Can’t connect to monitor

Hi there,

I’m quite clueless about PC’s and currently making the switch from Mac. I’ve just purchased this build:

and I can’t seem to connect to my monitor which is this one:

I have it connected via HDMI but nothing is appearing on screen and the corner just keeps changing between ‘hdmi’ and ‘analog’ and I don’t understand why.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Can you confirm that you are connected via the Discrete GPU. Looking at your system spec, it supports both an IGP ( Graphics via CPU ) and then also has an Nvidia GPU. As such the system will default to the Nvidia GPU and disable the use of the IGP.
At the top of the system on the rear you will have a cluster of connectors such as USB, Network etc and one of the ports here is HDMI. This one is for the IGP, this is not the one you should be connected to.
About half way down the back of the system will be some other connectors. They might have little rubber plugs in them, not all cards do but some have so you might need to pull these out to locate the HDMI port. This is the Nvidia GPU. Your monitor should be connected to the system at this point.
Can you confirm which part you are connected to.


Hi there,

Yes! that seemed to be the problem - I was plugged into the default HDMI slot and not the one on the GPU. It’s working perfect now - thank you!