New SkyQ Service

Anyone been reading about the new service that Sky will be offering from early 2016 called SkyQ?

Seems like Sky are looking to jump on the UHD 4K content bandwagon with a new style satellite box and streaming service. I bet it’s going to cost a pretty penny as they have labelled it as a premium service!

Looks like combination of simple smart TV features and 4K contents in one set-top box.

No thanks. My TV already has smart features and I don’t see any advantages to paying extra for 4K. FreeviewHD is still perfectly adequate.

In fact, who still watch live TV? Apart from having it as background noise, 100% of actually watched contents are streamed from my NAS or internet.

I record programmes off Sky to watch later, but rarely watch it “live”. The rest of the time I’m either streaming from Netflix or Amazon Video.

Their idea of “Fluid TV” is interesting i.e. the ability to pause on one device and pick up on another - not that I think I would make much use of it however.

The new box has the ability to record four channels at once though, which in my house would come in useful.

I guess it will come down to the price, and I expect it to be seriously pricey.

I always wonder this, imo TV has been obsolete for years, along with most traditional media formats. I can’t understand why people would choose to pay hundreds of pounds a year to have advertisements beamed into the living room four times an hour. Especially so when Netflix and similar services are cheaper, have better content, and are ad-free.

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It looks pretty good, as stated earlier will likely be pricey. To be honest the only content that you really want in 4K would be movies and such.
likely subscription charges:
4K content
HD content
Probably a movies channel subscription (the channels likely to have 4K content)
additional power-line boxes (this is the best idea about it, in my opinion.)

Still wont move me off Virgin Media in all honesty.

The new gear looks pretty damn sleek though…