NNB 899P boot problem and camera not working

First post here…hello everyone :smiley:

I recently purchased a used laptop which had been treated to some extra memory, a new 500gb SSD and an upgrade to Win 10.

The machine meets all my requirements but has a couple of issues…firstly it’s a 2nd gen i5 which means it’s developed the habit of booting to a grey screen since the Win10 upgrade and subsequent updates (apparently i5 3rd gen and later don’t have this problem).

Simply pressing the power button to send it to sleep and then pressing it again a second or two later brings the screen to life, so no issue there. I tried the various fixes I found on the 'web but nothing worked. If anyone knows the solution please share, but otherwise I’ll live with this “feature” :slight_smile:

I only became aware of he second problem this evening when trying to join a Skype call - the camera doesn’t work! Actually, it’s worse than that, the camera isn’t even showing in Device Manager. I’ve a feeling this might also be a consequence of the Win10 upgrade.

I’ve had the screen bezel off and the connection is good, couldn’t separate the body so no idea about the other end of the cable.

I’ve run a driver programme but it didn’t highlight anything obviously related to a camera. So, is this a known issue and is there a solution?

Thanks in advance…


Little bit more information…decided to perform a fresh install to see if something had gone wrong with the first - no difference (not surprised).

The machine appears to be an A15A with serial number 7298167-001.

Does that help at all?