NNB-X04192 laptop - keeps shutting down


I have an NNB-X04192 laptop that shuts down after about 10 minutes, with flashing lights.

Can this be repaired by myself?



As an initial step please make sure that fans and vents are dust free. Over time it possible that laptop heatsinks can become clogged with dust, this prevents the fans from cooling the internal components properly. This can result in system overheat and shutdown. This would fit with the problem you have described. So before looking deeper, can you confirm that the system heatsinks and fans are not clogged with dust. Checking and cleaning them can be made easier if you are comfortable with removing the system cover to get better access. The usual place for the build up to happen is the open edge of the heatsink that faces the fan assembly.

Thanks Coops for your guidance. I’ll open the laptop up and have a look.

I’ll update this thread later.

Thanks again



Sorry for the delay. The laptop is very clean inside, including the area you referred to.

Strangely, I have had the laptop on for a few hours and it’s been ok. The weather may have been much hotter when I initially posted. But I didn’t check the fan. The fan is working at the moment.

My flat is quite cool currently and Speedfan is recording the CPU temperature at 52C.

I’ll keep an eye on the temperature with Speedfan and see what happens when my flat hots up.