No charging battery light

Hey guys,

Had my laptop for a while now, only really used it at college years ago and even then i didn’t use it much haha. I’ve decided to get it back out and format it with windows 10 etc. Anyway, it’s been fine for weeks, but when i turned it on today, there’s no battery light. I also get the message on the battery icon in the task bar ‘Plugged in but not charging’. I’ve checked the wall sockets, they all work fine. I’ve removed the battery and tried it with the charger, which works fine. I’ve unplugged the charger and the battery works fine too. I’ve tried scanning for hardware changes and uninstalling the battery drivers in device manager and that hasn’t done anything.

Does this laptop have a ‘thing’ where it wont charge until it gets to a certain battery level? I’ve never noticed it before if it does.

My laptop Model is the C15B.

Currently downloading the drivers for this model now, but if i fixes it, i’ll delete this post. If not, then i still need help!