No onboard video signal from PC with gfx card removed

I have an old PC from which I took an old GTX 960 discrete graphics card to use on my new PC, but I never thought to switch back to the onboard graphics before I did so, and trying to use the old PC, there is no output from the onboard graphics.

CPU is an Intel Core i3-4150, and the motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-H81M-DS2V. There is no output on boot on either VGA nor DVI-D.

I have tried clearing the CMOS by shorting the jumpers on the motherboard, but nothing.

Is my old PC dead, or what else can I do to try to fix the problem? Some kind of USB boot solution?

Do you have a VGA Card you can test with. If you put the VGA Card in does the system POST and output video on the VGA Card. If it does not POST on the VGA card either now then that would suggest a fault in the system MB,CPU or RAM that would need testing to determine cause.

If I had a spare I would’ve tried it. Looks like I’ll have to buy one, even if it’s a basic Nvidia card, but then it would probably be better than the onboard graphics.

EDIT: Looks like the motherboard is dead, no response to keyboard for loading BIOS, and even the HDD light no longer comes on.

Replace the motherboard and maybe the whole PC if you have the possibility. You can’t do much with an i3 4th gen…