Novatech A15A Bios Update/work around

Hi I’m new to this site so hello everyone and appologies in advance if this subject has already been covered.
I have an old Novatech A15A laptop running Windows 10 21h2, 120 gb ssd, 8 gb ddr3 1333 ram (2x4gb) with i5 2510m cpu upgraded from original i3 2330m which I had spare.

The CPU and SSD have improved the speed of the laptop no end but the bios is holding the system back.

I’m attempting to find a solution to update the bios from current American Megatrends Inc 300 which was installed on 22/12/2011.

My issues are as follows. Black screen on start up as many users have stated, closing/opening lid usually allows boot to continue and I have no turbo boost facility on my cpu.

any help or links to a suitable bios update would be appreciated.

Regards Ant

Hi Ant

I have emailed you link and details to update A15A to 303. This should fix the black screen issue.

Hi COOPS, Thank you ever so much for a quick reply and for the link.

your an absolute star.

Thanks Ant :slight_smile:

I also have an A15A running 206 and would appreciate the update link, please.