Novatech Black NTI184 Good for making games aswell as playing?

I’m looking at a Novatech Black NTI184 as i was told in store it’s great for gaming and has an amazing upgrade path where i can easily replace parts for better ones, but is it also good for making them?

I’ve just taken a look through for you, and it’s definitely in a good position to become a machine you’re able to do those things with. It does all depend on exactly where, and what, you’re looking to make with it. From a processor point of view, the i5 is a very good starting place and can certainly give you the performance you need.

The only thing really holding it back for being a good workhorse in terms of graphical processing is the 750ti, while it’s a great little card for gaming and holds itself up surprisingly well, if you’re looking into creating games and handling multiple scenes full of 3D objects, you’re going to want something a little beefier.

Of course, it again depends exactly on what you’re planning to code and make. If you’re looking at creating more browser based games for example the 750ti may hold itself up well enough for that.

Apart from that it’s definitely a good starting point for a machine and is in the perfect situation for upgrades in the future if needed.